Choosing the Perfect Dog Kennel or Crate for Pooches

Crate training is an essential part of dog training. It is important to help the pet create a space of its own.

There are several advantages of making the dogs get used to crates and kennels. When there are guests at home, the pets can be contained in their spaces. If the pets have to travel, it wouldn’t take much of an effort to make them sit in the crate for a longer period.

The same crates and kennels can also be containment zones when the pets have to be warned about unwanted behaviour. So, here is how to choose the perfect crate for the pet.
Assess the Needs – Most pet parents get a crate or kennel just because it is an important pet accessory. While some don’t feel the necessity at all. So, it is important to assess the needs first as a pet parent. Crates are usually important for new pets or puppies which need to be contained. For those who don’t
like to really cage their pets, there are some amazing designs that blend so well with the home décor. However, it is important to train the pets to use the crates, kennels, or containment cages.

Size Matters – The size of the pet really matters. It’s a no brainer and most pet parents will choose the perfect size or a size bigger to accommodate the growing pets. The only thing that has to be kept in mind is that the crate should not restrict the pooch’s movement especially while they are resting or sleeping. The crate should be comfortable enough and not feel cramped. While the bigger dogs never
like to sleep in kennels, the smaller ones don’t mind sleeping in their dens.

Durability – The durability of the crates is very important. They are subject to regular wear and tear by the pets. The metal crates are by far the most durable, easy to clean and withstand the pets’ frequent movements. Today, the stores also feature the collapsible range. These can be carried outdoors as well
and the best thing is that they will accommodate the pet’s residing needs throughout the growing phase. Fabric crates, soft crates, plastic crates and wooden crates have their own disadvantages.

Learn more about the different types of materials before choosing them.

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