Pamper the Feline Friends with Cat Scratching Posts

“What greater gift than the love of a cat”? Said Charles Dickens. There are very few people who have
cats as pets, go an extra mile to understand as to why they do what they do. Purring or scratching, for
instance. There is a scientific reason behind everything that these amazing creatures do. Cats are seen
scratching themselves not just for enjoyment but for removing the dead outer layers. During this
process they also stretch their bodies and flex their claws. So, don’t be surprised to walk into a home
with cats where there are more scratching posts than the cats.
Scratching is totally a natural behaviour. The only disadvantage is that they tend to do it anywhere and
everywhere they want. Most pet parents are worried that their cats are shedding too much coat.
However, it is just a natural phenomenon. The best thing to do is to redirect the cats to their respective
scratching posts. Luckily today, there are so many varieties available. They can be placed in bedrooms,
living rooms, near the windows, outside the windows and anywhere. Bamboo to wood, jute to plastic,
cardboard to carpets, the list is unlimited when it comes to scratching posts.
Cats love to have a space of their own. And so give them one. Just like dog training even cats get trained
to use the scratch posts; this limits their scratching to the designated areas and that is why it is advisable
to keep the posts accessible to the cats and not behind a closet or somewhere hidden. It takes a lot of
patience to train the cats as they are not easily convinced. If there is one way to convince them, then it
is definitely with cat treats. Whenever they establish safe scratching habits, the felines can be treated
with their favourite snack.
Having said that it is important to choose the right scratching post that the cats might actually use and
also not ruin it. Cats scratch on instinct and that doesn’t have anything to do with time. The trick here is
to ensure that the cat finds the scratching post much interesting than the carpet or the couch. Texture is
what is most important here, followed by height, angle and the stability. Place the scratching post near
to the furniture so that cat always chooses the post over the furniture for its scratching needs.
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