Top Seven Must Have Bird Cage Accessories

It is such a delightful feeling to wake up to nothing but the tranquillity of the birds chirping right next to
the window. These feathered friends are great companions. They don’t require much but just a little bit
of attention. A little bit of food and a little bit of care, these birds will stay friends for life. So, for all
those who have just become new bird parents, here are a few must have bird cage accessories to keep
the birds happy, healthy and hearty.
Bird Cage Cleaners – Cages need to be cleaned on a regular basis to make sure that the bird has hygienic
surroundings. Pet parents might want to get organic, natural and eco-friendly cleaning solutions which
are safe for the pets, humans as well as the environment around them.
Bird Play Stands – Parrots and parakeets like to climb and swing a lot. This is very crucial for their overall
health as these movements make them physically fit, keep their digestion in order and most importantly
these stands are fun to play with. There are so many varieties available today in amazing and colourful
Bird Chews – Just like dog chews and cat chews, even birds need to munch on something. The chews
keep them occupied while the birds have something to nibble on. Always buy chews that are safe and
made up of natural ingredients to maintain the bird’s gut health.
Bird Toys – Apart from the above mentioned play stands and swings, there are several other bird toys
than can be introduced to these birds. If the cage is big enough to hold a few extra toys, birds can totally
take advantage of the same.
Bird Perches – Perches offer a natural setting for the birds. Mostly available in wooden frames, the cages
could have a few of these for the birds to move from one end to another. If there are multiple birds,
choose perches with 3 or 4 branches so that the birds can socialize.
Bird Feeders – These have come a long way from typical containers to automatic feeders. There are so
many varieties available today ranging from tray feeders to platform feeders. For those who don’t have
cages, they can also keep the house feeders, tube feeders and hanging feeders in the gardens to attract
the birds.
Bird Houses – For those who can always spare some space, there are lovely bird houses online. Houses
made up of natural fibre to those made up of wood, one can choose from a wide range of nests made
up of jute as well.
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